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University Jun 15, 2020

ASIIN grants international accreditation to the Faculty of Medicine

Positive observations were made in infrastructure and laboratories,

The German agency for international quality assurance, ASIIN (Accreditation Agency for Degree Programs in Engineering, lnformatics, Natural Sciences and Mathematics) has verified the granting for full international accreditation, which it has carried out with the Faculty of Medicine, UANL since almost two years now.

Among the main actions that stood out for their participation were:

-Effective support for the preparation and organization of accreditation procedures.

-Professional coordination in communication between the Faculty and ASIIN

-Optimal support for planning visits by expert groups.

It is worth mentioning that it is the first time that our Faculty has obtained an international certification. That it is European and that it will allow us to have more agreements and there may be more academic mobility, the institution is strengthened in this regard.

Positive observations were achieved: Infrastructure, the CEVAM practice area, the laboratories, the University Hospital and its infrastructure and thus have the opportunity to develop the doctor's own skills, and have high quality teachers for their experience, training and dedication.

According to the ASIIN page, we are the only medical program in the country accredited by them, thus being the only university in all of Mexico positioned on their list, which allows us to feel proudly belonging to the UANL student house.