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University 29 Jul 2019

New students live induction week

In the Multipurpose Auditorium of the Faculty, the induction courses for first admission began.

In the Multipurpose Auditorium of the Faculty at 7:30 am, the induction courses began, with the participation of the eight new entry groups.

Starting this inductive week, the Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies of the Bachelor of Surgeon and Midwifery Degree, Dr. C. Rodrigo Enrique Elizondo Omaña welcomed the new students, informing them about the services offered by the Subdirectorate with a talk that generated confidence in the students making the moment enjoyable.

Continuing with the welcome protocol and information, Dr. med. José Gerardo González González of the Subdirectorate of Research, with the subject related to research in the Faculty of Medicine; Mr. Eduardo Huerta Alanís, Head of the Department of School and Archive with the Internal Regulations and Rights and Obligations of Students; and Dr. Emma Bertha García Quintanilla, CAADI Coordinator, presenting information from the Center for Language Self-Learning (CAADI) and General University Training.

After a break, Mr. Isela Adriana Martínez Vázquez (Scholarships) continued; Dr. Xochitl Amalia Arango Morales and Mr. Alan Rivera Villalobos, both from the Directorate of the Bachelor Studies System, talked about the University Talent program; Pedagogical support presented by Ms. Martha Susana Hernández and finally Dr. Guillermo Jacobo Baca, Secretary of Student Affairs who announced the functions of SEASE.

The morning shift culminated with the students' registrations to the representative sports teams and cultural groups where an excellent response was obtained from the new entrants.