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sports 5 Dec 2018

Medicine gets 2nd place in men's Fast Football tournament

With a close game the team of the faculty of showbol obtained the second place before FIME.

Yesterday, December 4 at night, the grand final of the men's soccer fast tournament between our Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Engineering was played at the fast football stadium of the Directorate General of Sports of the UANL Mechanical and Electrical

It was at 20:30 hours when the first period of the match began, both teams agreed to play cleanly, the support batons of the Faculty of Medicine team were heard from the rostrum.

The goals in favor of our representative team were:

  • Israel García (second period)
  • Daniel Pecina (third period)



At the end of the four hard periods of the game, the final score was 4-2 in favor of the rival team, but that was no excuse to shake hands between both teams and enjoy the triumph of both after the expected match played.

The trophy recognition of the second place was given to the entire Medicine team by Dr. José Alberto Pérez García, director of the Sports Department, UANL.

They were present:

  • Jorge Jesús Arguijo Torres, team coach.
  • Carlos Daniel Sifuentes Barrera, team coach.
  • Ing. Ricardo Villarreal, Head of Sports of the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Ing. Gerardo Hernández, Deputy Chief of Sports of the Faculty of Medicine.

Congratulations to the men's fast football team of our faculty for the achievement!