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Culture 22 Nov 2018

Recognizes Casa Universitaria del Libro and INBA to Dr. David Vázquez González

A recognition of his career as a promoter of the arts and culture.

As part of the constant training, Dr. David Abraham Vázquez González, Coordinator of Student Affairs in Art and Sociocultural of SEASE, was recognized in mid-November by two institutions widely focused on the cultural field.

This is a recognition granted by the University House of the UANL Book to the Promotion of Reading 2018, this thanks to the impulse and support granted by Dr. David to the literary circle "Pedro Garfias" within the Faculty of Medicine.

Likewise, he received recognition for successfully completing the Diploma of Literary Creation endorsed by the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBA), studied during the period from April to September and taught by teachers of various literary genres.

The awards were given by Mr. Antonio Ramos Revillas, Director of the University Publishing House and University House of the UANL Book, Dr. José Celso Garza Acuña, Secretary of Extension and Culture of the UANL, witnessing and accompanying Dr. Rodrigo Elizondo Omaña, Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies of MCP of the Faculty of Medicine.