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Coronavirus 26 Feb 2021

COVID-19: Mental Health

Mental health is very important and that is why we share some tips

The current pandemic caused by COVID-19 can cause stress, fear or anxiety in people because it is a disease about which we still know very little, as well as because of the multitude of news. Preventive public health measures, such as social distancing and social isolation, can cause people to feel lonely and this can aggravate negative feelings such as affecting our mental health. Unfortunately, preventive measures are necessary to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our health, that of our families, and that of our community.

The most important thing is to find ways to take care of our mental health during this pandemic, because it is not yet clear when we can return to the “normal life” of before. We leave you some tips to make you feel calmer or calm:

  • Find out what to do if you get sick and if you suspect you have COVID-19, contact a trusted health professional.
  • If you need help, it is normal to ask for it. Many mental health professionals currently offer in-person or online therapy.
  • Try to stay away from the news about the pandemic as they can cause unnecessary stress; remember that your mental health comes first.
  • Take care of your body: meditate, exercise regularly, eat well and healthily, get enough sleep, avoid the use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Do activities you enjoy: read a book, try a new recipe, go out to the park to walk your pets safely, watch a series; the important thing is that you keep your mind active and distracted.
  • Communicate with your friends, family or community online, through social networks or by phone; remember that we are social beings who need to connect with other people; don't forget about them, but don't push yourself either.
  • Finally, if you feel the need or thoughts about taking your life, contact your emergency service and seek help; depression is a treatable illness as long as we find professional help in time.

Además te recordamos que la Facultad de Medicina cuenta con el Centro de Apoyo Psicológico en donde se ofrece orientación y consejería en línea de lunes a viernes de 8am a 4pm y puedes obtener una cita enviando un mensaje de WhatsApp al número: 818-203-3218

COVID-19 Committee, UANL School of Medicine