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START THE: Sep 26, 2018

25th Anniversary Medical Cartoon Contest Museum Room

Participate in this contest and highlight your artistic ability.

Within the framework of the 25th anniversary celebrations of the Dr. Ángel Óscar Ulloa Gregori Museum Hall

Convene "The Medical Cartoon Contest"


  • Students of the Faculty of Medicine of the Autonomous University of
    New Lion.
  • This call will be open from September 26 to October 19
    of this year.
  • Those interested can participate with a maximum of two cartoons.
  • The cartoons must be delivered in the Museum in print, in an envelope with the
    The author's pseudonym, likewise, will have to attach a sealed envelope containing the
    following information: a) pseudonym, b) title of the cartoon (s), c) name and surname of the
    contestant, d) address, cell phone and email.
  • The cartoons will be in letter size, and should be sent pasted on a support of
    Illustration paper or black shell.
  • The technique, as well as the graphic and illustration resources will be free.
  • The cartoons must be unpublished and original.
  • The theme of the cartoon contest will be about medicine in general, the exercise of
    medicine, and the work of the doctor.
  • The best cartoons will be exhibited at the Museum's facilities.
  • A jury composed of experts in communication and visual arts, will rule the
    winning cartoons.
  • The jury's opinion will be irrevocable.
  • Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place.
  • The results will be made public on October 24, at an awards ceremony, in the
    Museum facilities.

We appreciate the support of the Secretariat of Student Affairs SEASE, for its realization.