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In addition, different authorities joined the various activities organized at the Expo.

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11 Feb 2020

The traditional Expo SEASE takes place

In addition, different authorities joined the various activities organized at the Expo.

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7 Feb 2020

Students attend to talk about the coronavirus

So far there are only 9 suspicious cases not confirmed in Mexico.

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5 Feb 2020

Community of the CROC colony raises awareness of World Cancer Day

In addition, all women were invited to have a mammogram and a Pap test.

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31 Jan 2020

Hundreds of students select Social Service place

The duration of the selection of places gave a total of 9 hours.

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30 Jan 2020

Students attend the Seminar of Introduction to Professional Clinical Practice

Around 390 students gathered to prepare for their new stage as Undergraduate Internal Physicians.

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29 Jan 2020

Perform graduation ceremony of Surgeon and Midwife

There were 375 students who completed their curriculum and attended the act of completion.

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28 Jan 2020

Classes resume at the Faculty of Medicine

For some students the classes started from 7:00 am.

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24 Jan 2020

New induction courses attend induction courses

The course was carried out in two schedules, given the large number of new students.

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21 Jan 2020

Interns receive recognition from the Research Program

In addition, it seeks to encourage the new generations of doctors to develop a greater interest in studying masters and doctorates.

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10 Jan 2020

Indonesian students rotate Research

The embryology department has been receiving students for 12 years in its program.

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11 Dec 2019

3rd Activity Report 2019 is carried out

The director of the Faculty of Medicine turns 3 years in charge of the direction

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9 Dec 2019

They perform classic countdown to turn on the Pine

Authorities and students of the Faculty of Medicine witnessed the exact moment of the lighting of the Pine.

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