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Clinical Chemist Biologist Induction course

The main objective of the Induction Course is to guide the first-year student of the Clinical Chemistry Biologist Degree, on aspects such as Academic, administrative, cultural, sports, professional development areas, and the labor market.

Particular objectives

  • Inform the student, regarding the Internal Regulations that govern the activities of our School, as well as the Regulations for the use of the Library and the Ethics Code.
  • Notify the student about the academic, cultural and sports activities that they may carry out during their undergraduate studies.
  • Inform about the tutorial program.
  • Inform about postgraduate studies that as a Q.C.B., the students may study in this School.
  • Provide information related to the acquisition of textbooks, laboratory materials, etc.
  • Show the facilities of the School of Medicine, through guided visits to the departments where the different subjects of the degree are taught.
  • Comunicar el perfil del químico egresado de la Facultad de Medicina de la U.A.N.L.
  • Informar al estudiante sobre el sistema de becas de cuota interna que se otorga en esta Facultad.
  • Provide tourist information about the state of Nuevo León.
  • Distribute a location map of the facilities of the School of Medicine and the University Hospital.


A teacher-student interaction will be carried out, through which the student's knowledge about this degree and its motivations for choosing it and expectations regarding it will be explored.

All the information related to the academic, administrative, cultural and sporting aspects will be exposed verbally.

The entry profile and graduation profile of the chemist of this degree will be announced, which will allow a clear and precise understanding of the fundamental role of Q.C.B. in the area of health.

Entry Profile

Below is the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to enter the Bachelor of Q.C.B.


Alumnos con aptitudes e inclinación por el área de las ciencias naturales y exactas, como: Biología, Química, Física y Matemáticas; Computación e inglés.


That has the ability of observation and analysis, ability to apply knowledge in a practical way, manual dexterity, sense of cooperation, ability to work independently and as a team, interest in scientific research, be methodical, have curiosity and scientific ability, have curiosity and analytical capacity, interest in applying science and technology to solve problems of the community and willingness to improve continually.


Respect for thyself, their teachers and colleagues, a spirit of service, tolerance, resistance to stress, sense of commitment and solidarity, be objective, responsible and honest.

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